• HMI Technology

    HMI Technology

    In addition to IT and multimedia applications, more and more driver assistance and vehicle functions are being integrated into the human machine interface (HMI).

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    Electromobility has a bright future!

    Electromobility is one of the key solutions available to combat the global challenges of a scarcity of fossil fuels and the environmental impact of CO2 emissions. It creates new, networked energy and mobility services an solutions. With its comprehensive and systematic commitment to electromobility, Bosch is a consistent pioneer of sustainable mobility solutions.

  • Exhaust-gas treatment
    Exhaust-gas treatment

    Diesel exhaust gas treatment

    Meeting the ever stricter limits on toxic emissions requires not only fuel combustion that is as clean as possible but also exhaust gas treatment. Take a look at our online special to discover the systems Bosch offers in this area!

  • BEG emobility
    BEG emobility

    Individual solutions for future mobility

    Bosch Engineering combines customized solutions with the advantages of proven expertise in large-scale production technology. Everything from a single source - flexible, customized, and high quality!

  • Automated driving
    Automated driving

    Automation is on its way — with safety, and convenience

    We want to continue enjoying the mobility that cars offer us in the future. But there is one thing we wish to eliminate: the potential for human errors. Automated driving is the key to achieving this goal.

Driver assistance systems – safe, relaxed driving

Bifuel - one engine, two separate fuel systems

Motorcycle ABS

Automotive Technology for two-wheelers.

Bosch Automotive on YouTube

Bosch Automotive Technology

The automotive industry is in a period of transition, and Bosch is a driving force behind change. We are able to reduce the fuel consumption of diesel and gasoline cars up to 20 percent, and we are well prepared for the gradual transition to electromobility. At the same time, we are getting ever closer to the goal of accident-free driving.


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